LAMP PoST is a CBA (Christian Booksellers Association) publisher of Christian fiction and non-fiction titles.

While we began as a book design and layout company in 1995, Lamp PoSt quickly expanded into printing services for the same materials.

With a growing catalog of classic Christian works, LAMP PoST began to help published authors re-release their backlists into print and e-Book format.
Today, LAMP PoST is a publisher of both classic and current fiction, memoir, and non-fiction works. To order Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction titles, in print, or on Kindle or Nook, visit our Retail Page, or fine retailers such as and Barnes & Noble.

We are open to submissions, seeking authors who agree with our mission of publishing works that edify the readers.

Now, after over a decade, HUNDREDS of publications and MILLIONS of copies later, LAMP PoST is serving the public’s growing need for excellent works both in print and downloadable to a multitude of electronic reading devices.

The best is yet to come.