Above_All_Earthly_PowersBUYPerfect Bound, 6 x 9, 444 Pages

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Author: Jack Cavanaugh

Following World War II, little has changed in Berlin. The swastika has been replaced by the hammer and sickle, but a life of daily oppression and fear continues. Inspired by the vision of Pastor Josef Schumacher, rescuers and survivors of one of the Nazi’s heinous extermination facilities now risk their lives to complete what Josef began decades before.

Betrayed by American military forces, hunted by Stasi secret police, and blackmailed by one of their own, Mady Schumacher and Colonel Matthew Parker form a contentious coalition whose sole purpose-freedom for those society disregards-seems like a fool’s errand.

The absorbing saga of the Songs in the Night series comes full circle in this final episode!