My Gal, the Zombie

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BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 6 x 9, 126 pages  See more books of same category: Children & Youth Author:  Dan Conner Chelsea goes zombie! Everyone loves a green skinned girl: Monsters, Makeup and Madness! You have it all. A great roommate, an awesome boyfriend, smarts, & style. Then, you become a zombie. Just don’t let it ruin your life…or your afterlife! Read Dan Conner’s fan favorite comic from Lamp...

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Terror on Tybee Island

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BUY Perfect bound, 6 x 9,  160 Pages See more books of same category: Fiction: Inspired! Author: Deborah Malone A homeless cat. A diamond bracelet in the moonlight. A corpse buried in the dunes. Strolling on the beach one moonlit evening, Trixie Montgomery stumbles on a body buried in the sand. Full time historical writer and part time amateur sleuth, she waves bon voyage to her relaxing vacation, and becomes entangled in the search for who-done-it. With best friend, Dee Dee Lamont, in tow, the duo springs into action when Trixie’s beloved aunt Nana goes missing as she closes in on the killer. Who’s taken Nana, and how will the girls save her from becoming the next buried treasure in the pirate’s booty? Smell the salty breezes, and savor the delicacies fresh-from-the sea in Terror on Tybee Island, a seaside cozy mystery from popular author, Deborah...

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A Whisper In The Wind

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BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 6 x 9, 168 pages See more books of same category: Fiction: Inspired! Author: Sandra H. Esch June 1945 in Amber Leaf, Minnesota – Jo Bremley is falling in love, but desperately resists it. How could she not? Tryg Howland was responsible for her beloved husband’s untimely death. Now all she wants is to escape Amber Leaf and its painful memories, but that takes money she doesn’t have. Tryg may be a war hero and a successful young attorney, but what good does it do? After the role he played in the death of his best friend, peace is a gift he can’t unwrap, and hiring Jo didn’t help matters. Her presence constantly reminds him of the horrid accident that can never be undone. But when thugs assault an old man, leaving him lying in the bushes battered, bruised, and unconscious, Jo partners with Tryg to help the recovering man regain his dignity. As she does, her feelings for Tryg grow until she is forced to acknowledge a love she fought so hard against-a love that betrays her husband’s memory and should never be. A Whisper on the Wind is a powerful drama that carries the reader into the hearts and souls of unforgettable characters and the suffering they endure as they struggle against unexpected and redemptive...

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HEAVEN FORBID Volume 2 – Awkward For Everyone

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BUY Perfect Bound, Color, 6 x 9, 170Pages Also available in hard cover See more books of same category: Children & Youth Author: Dan Conner Heaven Forbid vol 2: Awkward For Everyone is the comic you didn’t know you were waiting for! Join Chelsea Checkers and her crowd as they live lives as awkward as yours! Holidays, dates, pets, horrible music… It’s all here as stories from Conner’s webcomic and sold out mini comics are collected with tons of added material! At 170 pages, it’s 50% larger than volume one! It features guest art by Art Baltazar, David Hutchison, Fred Perry, Noah Van Sciver, and more! Time to click “Add to Cart!” “It’s real, relatable, and funny.”-Kris Bather, “You don’t have to be Christian to like it.” -Tiffany Young, “[Dan Conner has] an endearing manga-inspired cartooning style.” -Gene Luen Yang (American Born Chinese) “This could be the Scott Pilgrim of the Christian set.” -Ben Dunn (Marvel Mangaverse)   Heaven Forbid Volume 1 – Not Getting Religious Heaven Forbid Volume 3 – Journey Into Her...

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Maiden Voyage

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BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 7.4 x 9.6, 108 pages See more books of same category: Children & Youth Author: Dan Conner & Riki Takaoka Dan Conner (Heaven Forbid), Riki Takaoka (Stray Dogs), and Leanor Ortega Till (Five Iron Frenzy) bring you the greatly anticipated graphic novel, Maiden Voyage: Looking for Adventure, Finding Monsters! This is the story of three young ladies as they fight unbelievable monsters while they search for fantastic treasure! Will they find that their friendship makes them as formidable as their amazing abilities? This volume includes a generous helping of sketchbook art and other rare comics! “I loved this!!” -Charlito (Indie Spinner Rack)...

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31-DAY DEVOTIONAL – Indonesian Version

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BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 6 x 9, 46 pages Also available in downloadable eBOOK for iPad or Kindle. See more books of same category: Christian Living Author: Rick Lancaster God created every living person to be a part of His great work in this world. The 31-Day devotional is written for those people that realize they have a role to play in that work of God. Whether your role is great or small, this daily walk through the Scriptures will encourage you and build you up. Even if you are not sure what your role is, this devotional might help you to discover it.  ...

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