GOD'S LOVE IS LIKE A CONJOINED TWIN BUYPerfect Bound, 6 x 9, 66 Pages

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Author:  Dean Rankine

What if God is actually there? And what if He actually loves us? Not like a long-distance relationship…but what if God’s love is close? Really close! What if God’s love is like a conjoined twin?

Don’t get it? Then you’ve just got to read it for yourself! Dean Rankine is among the best in Christian comic artists. His unique style and his modern day parables (and his retelling of Jesus’ originals) will give readers a look at God’s Love from a brand new perspective.

Enjoy such fan favorite stories as Pants Free Frid’y, Psalm 23 and the Vampire Death Squad, Hunger Strike at the 7-Eleven, and Live Organ Transplants.