Image courtesy of sdmania/FreeDigitalPhotos.netI was more than pleasantly surprised yesterday to see that my DVR suddenly had on about 5 episodes of Gold Rush.  For the last few years it’s a been a Saturday Morning ritual…Sitting on the couch with three kids huddled on top of me while I watch the show. I don’t have any other shows that I claim as “my show”… so when it’s my turn…it’s my turn!   I love this show, watching the exploits of Todd Hoffman, his dad Jack, and his crew as they stumble about the Yukon, trying their best, working hard, making good and bad decisions, and making blind leaps of faith as they go for the gold.

What is it I love so much about this show?  I think in many ways it reminds me of me…

First, on the most simplest of levels, we all trudge through life trying to make it.  These guys are inspiring in that they are breaking the mold and trying to do something that will provide a windfall of money…  Who doesn’t want to strike it rich? That really appeals to the entrepreneur in me.

But even more so, it reminds me of my spiritual life.  The Psalmist writes in Psalm 19:9-10:

The decrees of the LORD are firm,
and all of them are righteous.
They are more precious than gold,
than much pure gold;

I work hard to seek the righteousness of his calling…and I dig for it with all my might as something much more precious than gold.  But sometimes I just make bad decisions.  Sometimes I utterly fail.  Sometimes for all of my hard work I seem to get very little reward.  And sometimes, I feel like I have a dozen cameras and a full film crew there to capture every stupid move I make at every angle to show it to all the world, waiting to watch it on their DVR.

But I also know how it feels at the end of a day to cradle a jar full of “more precious than gold”…to be able to share it with my brothers and sisters who labor alongside of me and tell them “they get a cut!”

Regardless, whether I end the Season with a dozen full jars, or a few flakes in a vial, I know it is God’s reward for seeking Him and honoring His ways, and He tells me “Well done!”  He is the Producer of my show, and He’s always ready to prepare me for a new season! (“More Precious than Gold Rush: Season 44, coming this October!”)

Gotta go!  The show is about to start!

Written by Brett Burner, publisher, Lamp Post Inc.