Heaven Forbid: Vol 3 Journey Into Her Story BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 6 x 9, 214pages

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Author: Dan Conner

Everyone loves Chelsea Checkers, leader of the struggling rock band the Turkish Delights. Everyone, that is, including their new guitarist, Carter! But, will their blossoming romance save the band… or ruin it!?!

This over 200 page book is the first stand alone graphic novel from the long running Heaven Forbid webcomic series. It includes bonus features, guest art, and fun activities! Don’t miss this comic by award winning artist, Dan Conner! “I write this in honest sincerity. Work of a real pro.” -Allen Bellman (Captain America Comics)

In fact, Heaven Forbid! Is the most sincere strip I’ve seen since Charlie Brown and Snoopy and the gang said farewell... See the next stage in the emergence of a potential master.” -Beth Davies-Stofka (Comic Book Bin)


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