HOLY SCROLLSBUY Perfect Bound, 6×9, 48 Pages

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Author: Brett Burnerand Dr. Pam Fox Kuhlken

Art by Diego Candia

Content Advisors: Dr. David Noel Freedman and Dr. Pam Fox Kuhlken

There is nothing more boring than a trip to the museum to look at a bunch of old scraps of paper! Or is there?

Join Danny as he meets a mysterious stranger in the museum who takes him on a wild ride through the history, legend, and prophecy of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Alexander the Great! Angels and demons! Heavenly battles! Roman battalions! Djinnis! Espionage! It’s all about the Scrolls! Where did they come from? When were they written? Who made them and why? Where were they found? What are they worth?

This exciting adventure of the Dead Sea Scrolls tells you all this and more! Includes an excerpt from HEBREW HEROES: THE MACCABEAN REVOLT.