KINGDOMS05_THE WRITING ON THE WALLBUYPerfect Bound, BW, 5 x 7.125, 160 Pages
Author: Brett Burner and Ben Avery

Edited by Bud Rogers
Art by Gary Shipman

In book five of the Kingdoms series, the story of Judah’s exile continues as Iddo and his son Berekiah go to see the wise prophet Daniel.

In suffering exile, the Hebrews have lost their homeland. But the events of the book of Daniel demonstrate God’s reign over all, including pagan kings and the empire holding the people of Judah captive. Iddo has the opportunity to meet the distinguished statesman and prophet Daniel on a fateful night when the Lord brings about a change of empires and once again exalts his servant while deposing the proud. As in prior events, however, the transition of powers painfully affects Iddo’s personal life.