Pakkins V2

BUYPerfect Bound, BW, 6 x 9, 120 pages

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Author: Gary Shipman

When Paul finds himself in the strange and fantastic world called “Pakkins’ Land”, he meets a mysterious Eagle of light, who gives him a feather that holds great power. But after an attack by a Dark-Flyer, Paul plunges into a watery grave, and the feather of power is lost.

Paul’s friends, Gus, Brambles, and Shani, a small group of extraordinary talking animals, will stop at nothing to recover the boy to safety. Meanwhile, a new stranger has arrived in Pakkins’ Land, a human called Sedek, who’s intentions are uncertain. The adventure continues in the ALL AGES story of Pakkins’ Land!


PAKKINS’ LAND: Volume 1 of 5

PAKKINS’ LAND: Volume 3 of 5