RevelationsBUY Perfect Bound, BW, 7.4 x 9.6 pages

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Author: Jerrell Conner

This giant-sized comic features a remastered “Director’s Cut” of the first chapter of “Revelations: The Prophets,” by Jerrell Conner! Revelations: The Prophets is the story of two chosen prophets who are thrust into a great conflict with a supreme world leader.

A leader who is supremely corrupt and is leading the world to it’s ultimate demise. In the dark shroud of a world, not unlike our own, two lights flicker on the point of extinction, as they attempt to light mankind’s darkest hour. While the world which they were sent to save, receives them not, but instead wars to put them out…and they just might succeed and forever be under this rule of darkness.

Includes a bonus production art section, bringing you behind the scenes of this multimedia epic. Featuring a backup story of The Cardinal by K.J. Kolka!