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Author: Jack Cavanaugh



Josef Schumacher is a pastor in Berlin witnessing the rise of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich and the increasing influence of the Nazi youth movement on the young people of his church. Fearful of the sway of prevailing rhetoric and misguided patriotism, Josef risks everything to counteract the lies of a Facist government and the charismatic power of the Führer. When Nazi doctrine begins manifesting itself within his own congregation, Josef can no longer remain silent.

Josef’s wife, Mady, about to give birth to their first child, finds her world turned suddenly upside down. Will she realize the depth of Josef’s love for her? Will she recognize its reflection of divine love?

Perfect Bound, 6 x 9, 374 Pages


In this riveting story of Christians in Hitler’s Germany, Pastor Josef Schumacher-introduced in While Mortals Sleep, Book One in the Songs in the Night series-has risked all to stand against the evils of Nazism, teaching the youths of his church to strive for righteousness.

One of those young people is now Second Lieutenant Konrad Reichmann, whose loyalty has been won over by the Hitler Youth movement. But now on the Russian Front, he has discovered that reality bears no resemblance to the glory of the Third Reich. As Russia’s winter is unleashed, supplies, fuel, and morale are diminished. When the slaughter of innocents further disillusions him, Konrad embarks on a bold and dangerous plan.

Perfect Bound, 6 x 9, 416 Pages


Following World War II, little has changed in Berlin. The swastika has been replaced by the hammer and sickle, but a life of daily oppression and fear continues. Inspired by the vision of Pastor Josef Schumacher, rescuers and survivors of one of the Nazi’s heinous extermination facilities now risk their lives to complete what Josef began decades before.

Betrayed by American military forces, hunted by Stasi secret police, and blackmailed by one of their own, Mady Schumacher and Colonel Matthew Parker form a contentious coalition whose sole purpose-freedom for those society disregards-seems like a fool’s errand.

The absorbing saga of the Songs in the Night series comes full circle in this final episode!

Perfect Bound, 6 x 9, 444 Pages