Edify: tr.v.   ed·i·fied, ed·i·fy·ing, ed·i·fies

To instruct especially so as to encourage intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement.


Fiction that Edifies

Lamp Post believes in quality Fiction and Non Fiction that edifies the reader. We all have limited time, and reading too often has become a luxury. When it feeds your soul, it becomes a necessity. Please review our Fiction Guidelines and determine if your completed project fits the Lamp Post criteria. We look forward to hearing from you while submissions are open.


Debut Authors:

Do you have a completed project that you feel meets with our submissions criteria? If your answer is yes, we welcome your submission: submissions@lamppostpubs.com

NOTE: Please follow our submissions guidelines. Anything not in the proper format will be deleted, unopened. ALL e-mail will be answered within 2 weeks. If your project is not suitable for our purposes, we will do our best to explain why.

Remember, writing is rewriting, and suggestions for improvement may lead to publication in the future. Take a look at our writing toolbox, for suggestions on revision, self editing, building your platform, and understanding your hook.


Established Authors:

If you have a previously published book to which you currently hold rights, we’d love to talk to you! Please contact our Acquisitions Editor: brett@lamppostpubs.com

Agents: We would prefer “from scratch” proposals designed specifically for our project.  Submissions must include: a brief (1-paragraph) overview of the novel, a long (3-5 page) synopsis, and either three sample chapters, or the first 50 pages, whichever comes first.

Please submit proposals in a single .rtf (rich text) document and e-mail with project name, agency, and all pertinent contact information to our Acquisitions Editor. brett@lamppostpubs.com