The Ancestors

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BUY Perfect bound, B&W, 6 x 9,  244 Pages Also available in downloadable eBOOK for iPad or Kindle. See more books of same category: Fiction: Inspired! Author: William Barnard Reporting on an extraterrestrial sighting and their message for mankind, a renowned journalist clashes with those who oppose the story, unaware that the real battle is for his own soul. After the loss of a close friend, journalist Zach Miller spirals into depression, suffering from writers block for the first time in his career. Battling to regain his passion to write, he is approached by an esoteric group who promises him a story of historical magnitude, one that will forever change the way we look at life. Taken to a secluded ranch, Zach is completely stunned as he comes face to face with extraterrestrials. These galaxy travelers inform him that they are distant ancestors of mankind and will be coming back soon to rescue humanity from their current path of destruction. They have chosen Zach to relay their message of hope and how they plan to bring about the peace and spiritual harmony that all men long for. While Zach and millions of others around the world embrace the news, his sister Vanessa finds the account disturbing. For years, her religious faith has been a source of irritation for Zach and he scoffs at her suggestion that these aliens may have sinister motives. Unlike her confusing Christian dogma which has only caused division over the centuries, the Ancestors offer a creed that seeks to unify and provides him a deeper knowledge into many of life’s mysteries. Infused with a real sense of purpose, Zach remains steadfast to overcome any obstacles that keep him from sharing this new found wisdom. But nothing he has learned can possibly prepare him for The Day. Thrust into the most cataclysmic event in modern times, Zach is forced to reevaluate everything he has heard and confront the troubling questions about the true nature of the Ancestors. With his back up against an overwhelming wall of fear and doubt, his only chance to survive hinges upon discovering the real truth in...

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Terror on Tybee Island

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BUY Perfect bound, 6 x 9,  160 Pages See more books of same category: Fiction: Inspired! Author: Deborah Malone A homeless cat. A diamond bracelet in the moonlight. A corpse buried in the dunes. Strolling on the beach one moonlit evening, Trixie Montgomery stumbles on a body buried in the sand. Full time historical writer and part time amateur sleuth, she waves bon voyage to her relaxing vacation, and becomes entangled in the search for who-done-it. With best friend, Dee Dee Lamont, in tow, the duo springs into action when Trixie’s beloved aunt Nana goes missing as she closes in on the killer. Who’s taken Nana, and how will the girls save her from becoming the next buried treasure in the pirate’s booty? Smell the salty breezes, and savor the delicacies fresh-from-the sea in Terror on Tybee Island, a seaside cozy mystery from popular author, Deborah...

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A Whisper In The Wind

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BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 6 x 9, 168 pages See more books of same category: Fiction: Inspired! Author: Sandra H. Esch June 1945 in Amber Leaf, Minnesota – Jo Bremley is falling in love, but desperately resists it. How could she not? Tryg Howland was responsible for her beloved husband’s untimely death. Now all she wants is to escape Amber Leaf and its painful memories, but that takes money she doesn’t have. Tryg may be a war hero and a successful young attorney, but what good does it do? After the role he played in the death of his best friend, peace is a gift he can’t unwrap, and hiring Jo didn’t help matters. Her presence constantly reminds him of the horrid accident that can never be undone. But when thugs assault an old man, leaving him lying in the bushes battered, bruised, and unconscious, Jo partners with Tryg to help the recovering man regain his dignity. As she does, her feelings for Tryg grow until she is forced to acknowledge a love she fought so hard against-a love that betrays her husband’s memory and should never be. A Whisper on the Wind is a powerful drama that carries the reader into the hearts and souls of unforgettable characters and the suffering they endure as they struggle against unexpected and redemptive...

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Lucas: Guardian of Truth

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BUY Perfect bound, 5 x 8,  192Pages Also available in downloadable eBOOK for iPad or Kindle. See more books of same category: Children & Youth Author: M.R. Anglin Eleven-year-old Lucas Phelman knows he’s found trouble when middle-school bullies surround him on the way home from school. In just a few moments, he transforms from the bravest space cadet in the galaxy (at least, in his imagination) to a loser in a garbage can. Adding insult to injury, they take a video of the humiliating event and post it on the Internet for the entire school to see! Hiding the truth from his mother, he accepts a gift left to him by his absent father. The strange-looking watch fits securely on his wrist. But, he discovers wearing the watch causes bizarre things to happen. His imaginary world follows him into reality, along with odd animals and the ability to destroy them! Lucas must trust a mysterious creature that controls the watch – a device that can transport him to Kalaria, a place where nothing is as it seems. There, Lucas learns that he is the Guardian of Truth, destined to save Kalaria from the Mind Master, a creature bent on destroying the planet, and imagination along with it. But even Lucas, with the strongest imagination of all, isn’t powerful enough. He learns of a powerful tool, the Book of Truth, which he must find and master its use to defeat the Mind Master for good. But how to find it? And, is he brave enough to try? If he fails, Kalaria is doomed … and the Earth is...

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Somewhere Between Raindrops

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BUY Perfect bound, 6 x 9, 310 pages Also available in downloadable eBOOK for iPad or Kindle. See more books of same category: Fiction: Inspired! Author: Sandra H. Esch Late March 1945 in Amber Leaf, Minnesota – Jo Bremley and her little girl are moving to New York – leaving Amber Leaf and its painful memories behind. But while waiting at a small town railroad station, measles strike. Jo is forced to abandon her dreams, leaving her with no job, a sick daughter, and little savings. Tryg Howland is devastated by his role in the death of Jo’s husband. He offers her a position as a clerk in his law practice. But clients’ schemes and Tryg’s jealous girlfriend threaten Jo’s job security. But none of this compares with facing a new demon – a love that can never be. Somewhere Between Raindrops is a compelling tale about conscience and courage, and their ability to change...

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