The Realm UnseenBUYPerfect Bound, BW, 6×9, 266 Pages
Also available in hard cover; eBook/pdf

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Author: J.S. EARLS

Based on the Audio Game and inspired by a Classic, author and creator J.S. Earls welcomes you to a world of wonder. A world where you are the star of the story and you alone hold its fate in your hands. Unlike other interactive adventures, every decision you make is ”literally” a matter of life and death. There is, also, only one way to win.

Oh yeah…and you’re blind!

So prepare yourself, you’ll need every ounce of strength and ingenuity you have just to survive, let alone uncover the secret of the century.

Welcome to the deadliest day of your life.

Welcome to The Realm Unseen.

Can he save her from the diabolical schemes of her unknown enemy or will she be forced to disappear from his life forever?