The Original English Translation of the Holy Bible — Now in Large Print with over 50 Images! TESTING

This is the one to buy!  Now available in a Large Hard Cover 8.5″ x 11″ Format with 12pt. type and beautified text, with the inclusion of over 50 images of ancient artwork and illuminated texts.
Now you can enjoy the rich

ness of Wycliffe’s ancient text in a modern, easy to read format.  This is the perfect gift for the pastor or bible scholar you love!

Here is John Wycliffe’s greatest accomplishment: the translation of the Holy Scriptures into English. Producing the first complete English bible, Wycliffe was the first to set aside Latin as the language of the Scriptures and to reach the English people in their own tongue.

Working from contemporary manuscripts of the Latin Vulgate, he sought no strange English but only the easiest, most common — albeit the most Latin-like — language possible. Wycliffite translations of the New Testament (1380) and Old Testament (1388), which was actually completed by Nicholas of Hereford, opened a new epoch in the history of the Bible.