Toned - Volume 1 BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 7 x 9, 120 pages

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Authors: Brett Burner, Dan Conner, Jerrell Conner

TONED! is a new comics movement, a quarterly Graphic Novel Anthology presenting the very best of today’s faith-based comics! This first issue alone contains 120 pages featuring sections of: Revelations: the Prophets by Jerrell Conner; Hand of the Morningstar by Brett Burner; The Eisner Award-nominated Pakkins’ Land by Greg Shipman; Max vs. Max by Wes Molebash; Heaven Forbid! by Dan Conner; Finding Elim by Dave Nelson; God’s Love is Like a Conjoined Twin by Dean Rankine; Nobody Likes Tony Pony by Jamie Cosley; and The Manga Bible from Lamp Post.

Set aside those other comics as with each issue we reveal more of these stories…and deliver all new ones! Stories that will intrigue you. Art that will astound you. Punchlines that will make you laugh. Comics that edify your life! TONED: Comics in Black and White!

TONED! Comics in Black and White #02