Toned- volume 2 BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 7 x 9, 132 pages
Authors: Brett Burner, Dan Conner, Jerrell Conner

Toned is back with another great set of faith based comics! This issue includes an in depth interview and art gallery with a Christian creator on the forefront of indie comics, Mike Maihack! Featuring: Selections from Parable by Mike Maihack and Bet Hatke;God’s Love is Like a Conjoined Twin by Dean Rankine; The Eisner Award-nominated Pakkins’ Land by Gary Shipman; Hand of the Morningstar by Brett Burner; Kingdoms by Ben Avery and Matt Broome;Finding Elim by Dave Nelson; Heaven Forbid! by Dan Conner; and Revelations: the Prophets by Jerrell Conner.

Also features a full catalog of Lamp Post’s Comics and Graphic Novel selections. Stories that will intrigue you. Art that will astound you. Punchlines that will make you laugh. Comics that edify your life! TONED: Comics in Black and White!

Toned! Comics in Black and White #01