Tracks in the Snow CoverBUYPerfect Bound, BW, 6×9, 310 Pages

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Author: Sandra H. Esch

Early February 1942—Amber Leaf, Minnesota

Jo Bremley fears losing her husband to war, but by a cruel twist of fate he dies instead in a blinding snowstorm at the hands of her nemesis and his best friend, Tryg Howland. Now all she wants is her storybook world back.

Left alone with her seven-year-old daughter, Jo takes in laundry to eke out a living. Meanwhile Tryg, the pride of the town with his status as war hero, sets up a flourishing law practice.

Now Jo stands toe-to-toe with the demons threatening to destroy what little happiness and peace she has left — rumors that she is about to lose her much-needed job; her daughter’s repeated incidents with an old curmudgeon, Big Ole; and Jo’s inability to buy a simple present to give her bereaved daughter a special Christmas.

Tracks in the Snow is a heartwarming tale about the power of forgiveness, strong will, good character, and their ability to transform lives.

Born and raised in Southern Minnesota, Sandra Esch forges her story lines from her family heritage. After a career in the medical profession, she is now pursuing her passion, writing historical fiction. She lives with her husband, Fred, in Southern California. Tracks in the Snow is her first novel.