Union Cross New Seasons  BUY Perfect Bound, BW, 5.5 x 8.5, 234 pages
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Author: Aaron Harris

David Johnson, now older and wiser in the Lord, has seemingly reconciled with his former nemesis, George Dean. In fact, they are now best friends. However, not everyone is willing to put their trust in him, including Marcia Miguelas and Carolyn Cross. Meanwhile, a face from George’s past has returned to Union Cross. And her name is Jasmine Dean.

She has gathered all of David Johnson’s foes, setting in motion events that threaten every human on the planet. But there is more to her than what appears on the surface. How much does George Dean know? Can he truly be relied upon to be honest and forthcoming? Is David Johnson ready for the answer to those questions? Or will the combination of his precarious emotional state and his newfound powers drive him to the edges of insanity? New Seasons is the story about a war for souls that brings the Union Cross series to its climatic end.


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Union Cross 2:  Warrior Ministry